Community Healing Workshops

We facilitate community healing workshops – it is important work. Our workshops are different in each community as we recognise that each community is unique. For the community or organisation to benefit from a workshop, they need to be consulted and actively involved. We listen and appreciative all feedback. Communities self-determine what healing looks like for them and we can safely facilitate that journey.

Suicide Prevention Consulting

Our consultative approach is a safe hands-on process that supports community development. It enables organisations, stakeholders, individuals, and communities to have a voice and put forward their own concerns and hopes for their community. We facilitate capacity building within communities by being led by community in the design and implementation of local suicide prevention initiatives.

Suicide Intervention Skills Training

Suicide is a community issue not a mental health issue, and each community is unique. This means that a one-size-fits-all approach is not effective. We offer industry leading suicide intervention training, including two-day and half-day workshops. We can also tailor our workshops facilitation to suit community needs.


We actively engage with communities so that we can offer consultation pre and post workshops, so our support can continue.

Clinical Supervision

We offer external clinical supervision for staff to increase capacity, wellbeing and staff retention rates. This could be regular clinical and cultural supervision (external) for individuals and/or as a group

This will provide a confidential space for each member in relationship with each other to share, reflect and where possible explore solutions to assist in increasing their ability to manage clients and further develop clinical skills within a multidisciplinary treatment model.


  • Enhanced communication within the team;
  • facilitated reflective practice;
  • enhanced effectiveness of multidisciplinary practice;
  • improved client focus; and
  • reduced stress levels of clinicians and increased staff retention.