Our Commitment 

Mission Statement

Healing Works Australia aims to provide evidence based suicide intervention training, community engagement, consultation and building valued kinship utilising our own senior management representation and assistance throughout Australia.


Our Vision at Healing Works Australia is to empower communities with sustainable outcomes


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Our Goal

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    To Honour our commitments
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    To deliver exceptional results
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    To be welcomed back

What we offer

Our Services

Suicide Intervention Training

We are expertly trained professionals in suicide intervention, with worldwide-recognised certification evidence-based training. We utilise your feedback and can deliver training to suit your needs.

Community Engagement

We understand that that the best approach to healing is to engage with the community as a whole. It is our commitment to work in and side by side with the community that we engaged with.


We are here to listen and understand. We want to help you, your community, business and family in the best way possible. We need to understand your needs and objectives so we offer consultation at any point during the journey. Your voice is important here.

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Our Courses


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) is a two-day workshop that teaches participants to carry out life-saving interventions for people at risk of suicide.


Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples have a unique way of looking at the world, so basing this training off ASIST and developing it with consultation and evidence we have a 2 day course to help save lives form suicide


safeTALK is a half-day workshop that prepares participants to identify people with thoughts of suicide and connect them with life-saving first aid resources.


Based on the safeTALK program, safeYARN takes into account unique Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander peoples experiences and protocols to facilitate a safe space to yarn about suicide and learn how to intervene with someone at risk.

Hope For Healing

This program is tailored to each individual community, and aims to help communities and individuals to heal when confronted with suicide, including bereavement, and learning how to better support their communities in a more holistic way.

Why Choose Us

We are empowering people
to save lives from suicide

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    We value any feedback that we receive. We are constantly evolving and changing to meet the needs of the people that we work with.
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    We have access to worldwide industry support. This enables us to connect people with services or individuals regardless of geographic location.

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    We deliver evidence-based training that has complete and unbiased studies that support the effectiveness of each program. Our programs are regularly updated to reflect changes in best practice, research, and efficacy.

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    Highly qualified, trained and registered suicide intervention trainers. All of our trainers have a lived experience of suicide. Learning from people who have a lived experience of suicide has been recognised as an essential component of effective suicide prevention strategies.

Coaching, speaking engagements and program development

In addition to our training services, we are also able to offer one-on-one or group consultation and coaching sessions to assist with program and service delivery. We can also assist in the development of programs to meet the needs of your consumers.


We are also available for speaking engagements, including motivational speaking, and other event specific genres. We are accomplished keynote speakers, presenters, panellists and trainers who can address a wide range of topics relating to metal health, suicide, advocacy and identity. Our lived experience enables us to tailor our talks in a way that best relates to event attendees.


Our wealth of experience provides us with tools and expertise to help your team, club, workplace or community.

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