Healing Works Australia is an Indigenous Company that provides an array of suicide prevention services. We aim to empower communities through sustainable outcomes. This is achieved by working with communities to determine their own unique needs so that they can more effectively respond competently to suicide. We are committed to delivering exceptional services and ongoing support to the communities we work with.


We believe that suicide prevention starts with creating strong, competent communities of individuals, working together to achieve resilience. Our team, our partners and our consultants have been chosen because of their passion in healing in a holistic and culturally appropriate way with the community at the centre of everything we do.


As sustainability is at the core of our work, Healing Works Australia is a social enterprise. This means that we seek funded opportunities for Indigenous people to become trainers of the various programs we offer, and provide them with extensive support and mentoring to ensure success. This provides sustainability for important community education to be consistently available in community, delivered and led by community.


We started this journey, Dean and Linda, on two different paths. Dean had been working in the suicide support and health space and Linda in the corporate world. Together they found a common passion in supporting people across all walks of life who have been impacted by suicide or who want to learn about suicide prevention. We have a special commitment to working with First Nations, Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander Peoples and all Indigenous Peoples. This passion extends to all groups that are considered minorities or diverse by historical societal norms. Dean and Linda share a common culture, being from neighboring mobs but bonded over their shared, but unique personal and professional experiences with suicide.