Josh Sibosado is a Bard man from Lombadina on the Dampier Peninsula north of Broome in the Kimberley, WA. For a young man he has kicked some serious goals. After leaving school, Josh became a boiler-maker by trade and worked in the industry.


Since his teenage years Josh has been in the business of saving lives. He is a leader. In 2008 Josh was a founding member and volunteer on the multi-award winning Alive and Kicking Goals suicide prevention project in Broome. Josh and his brothers Craig and Llyod feature on the ground-breaking psychoeducation DVD for Indigenous youth suicide prevention. This 2010 production is extensively used across Australia today (2022) in peer-education and third level education settings to demonstrate what grassroots and community-led suicide prevention can look like for Indigenous communities;


DVD Part 1:

DVD Part 2:


Josh also consulted on the first version of the ibobbly app in 2013/2014, helping shape its design and suitability for Indigenous youth in the Kimberley region. Co-delivered by the Black Dog Institute, this was the first app globally for suicide prevention that was evaluated through a randomised controlled trial;


Following employment with Alive and Kicking Goals, Josh pursued another critical role – that of an airport fire-fighter and continues in this role today. During Josh’s employment at Sydney International Airport he was called to the scene of a cardiac arrest and used his First Aid skills to resuscitate an airport traveller.


Healing Works Australia are fortunate to have an expert in the Indigenous suicide prevention and peer-education space who has more than walked the walk.