Kaela is a Kamilaroi woman who was born in Tamworth NSW, but has spent most of her life in Newcastle on Worimi country, where she now resides. Her whole life she has had a passion for making increasing others quality of life. She has a love of arts and technology, and dabbles in both mediums and platforms in her everyday life. During high school she had the opportunity to collaborate with Aboriginal artist and Wiradjuri Elder, Aunty Veronica Collins, which inspired her to involve herself more in her culture. Now in this role, she feels she can use all her skills and support her team in making a vital change to our society, but more importantly, her people.


Kaela has significant experience working in the disability and mental health sector before joining HWA as a Project Support Officer. Kaela’s previous roles required her to be an excellent communicator with stakeholders and clients, which she continues to do in her role with HWA. Kaela has a creative flair and her interests include arts and technology, where she adds value to our team when it comes to social media and other visual design tasks. . When combined with her sound knowledge and skills in computer software, she is well-equipped to provide support to various HWA projects.